Bridge Loop Virtual Race

Congratulations on running the Seaport Striders’ Virtual Bridge Race! You may run as many times between 4/1/20 and 4/7/20 (inclusive) as you wish and submit your fastest time. Results must be submitted by noon on 4/10/20 to be included in race results. A “Bridge Loop” should be approximately 4.6 miles. It does not use the stairs at the north-east corner (stay on the asphalt trail) or the dirt trail at the north-west corner (stay on the cement/asphalt). Times are on the honor system, so please play fairly. You may run in either direction (clock-wise or counter-clockwise). You may start/end wherever is convenient for you.

Please enter your run results using the following form.

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Privacy Policy

  1. What personal data is being collected about you?
    • We collect only the data you choose to submit for this virtual race.
  2. Will your personal data be sold or disclosed and to whom?
    • The results you enter will be shown in the race results. Your personal data will not be sold and will be disclosed only on the Seaport Striders web site though we have no control beyond our original disclosure.
  3. Can you opt-out of the sale of personal data?
    • Because we do not offer data for sale, the option to opt in or out of sale is not relevant.
  4. Can you access your personal data?
    • You can access the data you submit by viewing the race results page.
  5. How can you request the deletion of any personal information about a consumer collected from that consumer?
    • Upon your request, we will remove your entry from our race results.
  6. Wil you be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights?
    • Participating in Seaport Striders runs and races, and membership in the Seaport Striders Running Club, will not be affected by your decisions concerning your privacy rights.